Skidabrader services the needs of airport and highway engineers who have structurally sound pavement with surface problems. The most technologically advanced equipment, operated professionally, allows maximum productivity in short work windows. Fully instrumented controls and plenty of horsepower insures the operator can quickly and easily produce the specified surface every time, without excuses.


The current group of Skidabrader operators have over 100 years of combined surface modification experience. They all share in the cutting-edge technology of industry standards and test procedures. When a Skidabrader is on the job, an industry expert is also on the job.


The pressure is always on the pavement engineer to break out and replace aging pavement, but many times an inexpensive repair procedure can prolong its life expectancy and safely. The Skidabrader is designed, built, and operated, to serve in this effort. Our entire staff pledges their complete support in providing this industry with the best pavement repair services possible at the lowest price. For that purpose, we are continually interested in receiving your feedback on how we are doing.

Our Team

Josh Jones

General Manager

John Freeberg

Business Development Manager

Jessica Colvin

Office Manager

John Norris

Warehouse Manager